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Hyacinthe Lescoët - The Cambridge Public House - British Pub x Cocktail bar - Paris 3

Co-Founder and Beverage Director Hyacinthe Lescoet hailing from Brittany, France has done the rounds in both London and Paris. His big personality goes hand in hand with his reputation. Well respected on both sides of the Pond and Internationally he takes care of the entirety of the drinks program. Gentle and welcoming with a smile he can converse from new drink trends to current affairs and much more.



Co-Founder and Floor Manager Greg Inder has homed his skills in various Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Clubs around the world and not just as a client. After settling in France he is the Greeter at the Door and is here for any and all of your needs. From opening until close you can catch him at all times happy and ready to entertain. Not shy of the bar, ask nicely and he might even make you a drink.



Greg Inder - The Cambridge Public House - British Pub x Cocktail bar - Paris 3

Our second breton in the Team, Maël Jego has an exciting future ahead. With an already impressive and varied Career, and with youth and energy on his side, he adapts from Bar to Kitchen and Floor with ease, really lending himself to both the drinks and food programs. With an Artistic flair to boot, all artwork seen throughout the bar is executed by Maël. A true talent, and a handsome Devil too.



Co-Owner Hugo Gallou makes the third bretons on the team sheet, behind the scenes but doing the most important of all the jobs. With a background in Business with a focus on Hotels, his hard work set all the foundations for The Cambridge. With serious work, however, comes serious play and its rare for Hugo to miss any tasting or testing. Lending a hand to service often, Hugo is always happy to help.



Cambridge - Hugo & Jordan (11 of 12)
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